What are 5 things to take care of a baby?

What are the 5 things to take care of a baby? Things to keep in mind when taking care of a newborn baby.

What are 5 things to take care of a baby?
What are 5 things to take care of a baby?

What are 5 things to take care of a baby?, Our happiness knows no bounds when a new guest arrives in the family. Everyone starts preparing for the arrival of the new baby. There are thousands of thoughts in the midst of all these things. Thousands of questions including how to take care, what to do, what to do! We have to take care of everything from feeding, bathing, and massaging the baby. And for new parents, taking care of a newborn baby is also challenging. So let's know today, some important things about newborn baby care.what should i pack for the hospital for baby

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Cleanliness of oneself

Wash your hands thoroughly before touching the baby. If washing hands regularly is not possible, use disinfectant handwash or instant hand sanitizer. There will be no risk of infection. Ask other family members to wash their hands when holding the baby.list of baby things for first time mum

Time to feed the baby

It is very important to feed the baby at the right time. Newborn babies should be fed every 2 to 3 hours. That means you may have to feed the baby 8-12 times in 24 hours. In the first 6 months of the baby, the baby should be exclusively breastfed. Mother's milk contains all the nutrients and antibodies needed by the baby, which boosts the baby's growth and immunity. Many times children do not get milk or cannot eat due to various reasons. In that case, the bab should be fed formula milk with the doctor's advice. In that case, check the expiry date, exact quantity and quality of the milk before buying. And if the baby has any problem due to feeding the bought milk, the baby should be taken to the doctor.

What are 5 things to take care of a baby?
What are 5 things to take care of a baby?

Baby Burp

After each feeding of the babies, they are swaddled in a special way. Which is called baby burp in English. Babies swallow air while eating and this can lead to gas accumulation in the stomach. This may also cause abdominal pain. This excess air in the baby's stomach can be expelled by lifting the baby. For this, gently hold the baby close to your chest with one hand. Rest his chin on your shoulder. With your other hand, tap very gently on his back until the baby gurgles.(baby hospital bag checklist 2022)

Keep baby's tongue clean

A white coating can be seen on the baby's tongue due to milk consumption. And this white lining is called oral thrush. Oral thrush can cause tongue ulcers in children if not cleared. So use a soft dry cloth to clean it. One day a week, wipe the tongue of the little sonababu.

Cut the newborn's nails

Young babies' nails grow very quickly And scratching your own nails can cause deep scratches on the baby's skin. Children's skin is very sensitive, so there is a possibility of skin sores from scratches So children's nails should be cut nicely Cut the nails carefully when the child is asleep. There will be no fear of movement or cutting Use baby nail cutters or baby nail clippers like scissors to cut the nails. But whichever one you use, wash it once in disinfectant water before use Children's nails are usually soft, but if they feel hard, trim them immediately after bathing

Baby Eye Care

Children often see dirt in their eyes. Don't forget to clean the child's eyes with bare hands. Soak a soft cloth in lukewarm water. Now gently squeeze the water and wipe the baby's eyes gently.

Keep children's ears and noses clean

Use cotton buds to clean children's ears and noses. Carefully clean the ears and nose when the baby is asleep. Be careful not to hit the eardrum or too deep inside the nose. Apply light olive oil to cotton buds before cleansing. Many times the baby's nose gets clogged with cold or dirt, making it difficult for the baby to breathe and not want to express milk. So be very careful about this.

What are 5 things to take care of a baby?
What are 5 things to take care of a baby?

to massage

Massaging a baby's body is beneficial for them. It helps baby sleep and improves blood circulation and digestion. Massage a small amount of baby oil or lotion into your hands before bathing your baby. It improves the blood circulation of the baby's body and makes him feel comfortable. It also has a good effect on children's sleep.

Exposure to the sun

It can be seen from the time of grandmothers and grandmothers, children are kept in the sunlight for a while after getting up in the morning. Vitamin D is in sunlight. It is essential for bone development in children. And it contains calcium, which helps in bone formation in children.

Bath time

Bathing a newborn should be done very carefully. Because if the child moves, there is a possibility of water or soap getting into the ears or eyes. Be prepared with all the essentials before bathing the newborn. Pack some warm water for the baby, baby soap or body wash, soft towel, baby lotion or cream, new diapers and clean clothes for the baby to wear. Be careful not to get water in your eyes or ears while taking a bath. Gently clean the baby's skin and wrap it in a soft towel after bathing. Then massage baby oil or special body lotion for children lightly. Try to bathe the baby before 12 noon.

Wearing diapers

Another important aspect of caring for a newborn baby is changing the diaper. Since babies are fed milk or formula, they need at least 6 to 8 diaper changes a day. So take care and change the diaper on time. Wet or dirty diapers are very harmful for babies. Babies are more likely to catch a cold if their diapers are wet. In addition, unclean diapers can cause problems like rashes or rashes on the baby's skin. Also, if you have diaper rash, you can use baby diaper cream. And after changing the diaper, clean the baby's skin well.

Baby wipes

Use good quality baby wipes for newborns. Sometimes, not using good quality baby wipes can cause baby rashes or itching. Check if baby wipes are causing any problems for the baby.

Newborn clothes

Special care should be taken in choosing clothes for newborns. Choose cotton clothes in summer. The use of synthetic or coarse cloths can cause skin problems in babies. Before dressing the baby, check for insects or dirt.

Gentle detergent

Always wash new baby clothes and sheets before use. Use mild and gentle detergents to disinfect. Physical problems can occur for many reasons, starting with the weather in the newborn. So don't panic and take the doctor's advice. Hope today's article was useful for you. And of course, make sure that the baby product is authentic.


So what are the top 5 things to take care of a baby under this heading? And I tried to give a clear idea about this.So about the above things to nurture your beloved baby. Apart from these five points, there are many more important points. Which I have mentioned in this above article and if you implement these things properly. Then your baby will be healthy and beautiful. Which will play an important role in your child's mental and physical development.
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